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OpenELEC Dev Update

Unofficial update add-on for OpenELEC

This add-on makes it easy to upgrade/downgrade OpenELEC development builds by downloading directly from websites which host them.

It shows a list of available build sources and a list of builds available at the currently selected source.

Build list

To view more details about a build press the Info button (currently only for Milhouse RPi Builds).

Build details

There is also a service which runs in the background, so when a newer build becomes available, a notification will be shown to enable you to install the update.


To perform an update the add-on will download the (possibly bzip compressed) tar file into the /storage/.update folder. The update will then be installed on the next reboot. This process is as documented on the OpenELEC wiki.


    There are two steps required.

  1. Install my repository.

    • To install directly from OpenELEC use the file manager to add as a new source.
    • Alternatively if you're happy on the command line you can login via ssh and run
    • Install from zip.
  2. Install OpenELEC Dev Update from Leopold's Add-ons under Program Add-ons.

Installing from the repository will ensure that the add-on is kept up-to-date as I push out updates.

Version history


Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I use a URL other than those provided? Yes, an additional custom URL can be configured in the add-on settings.
  2. I prefer using the command line. Can I download builds that way? Yes you can log in via ssh and run
  3. Why is the add-on not updating itself? You probably installed the zip file instead of installing from the repository. If you install from the repository you will always receive the latest add-on updates.

Please note that this is not an "official" OpenELEC add-on. If you hit any problems with it, don't ask for support from the OpenELEC team, please post on this OpenELEC forum thread or raise an issue. If you have any comments/questions/suggestions please also post on the thread.

Reporting Issues

If you get a script error or other problem please raise an issue or post on the OpenELEC forum thread. If you can reproduce the problem then please include a debug log, by following these steps:


General Settings

Notification Settings

Custom Source Settings

Build list

Build details


Retrieving from archive